Nowhere to Run (1993)

Posted in Reviews by - September 25, 2012
Nowhere to Run (1993)

This one is difficult to pinpoint. Essentially a romance but with moments of action, Nowhere to Run does little to satisfy either genre. Harmon’s persistence on exploring two-dimensional characters make it hard going, and the occasional fisticuffs are a welcome distraction. Van Damme explores his sensitive side by playing a prison escapee with a heart of gold, chancing upon Arquette’s country ranch and young family desperately in need of a father figure. A clichéd story about ruthless property developers wanting to buy up the family land is soon what we’re dealing with, and Van Damme is seemingly the only decent chap around to foil their unscrupulous efforts. Action packed this isn’t, but if you want to see Van Damme tackling soap opera dramatics with his rather desperate thespian skills then here is your chance.

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