Death Match (1994)

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Death Match (1994)

Routine B movie built around professional kickboxer Ian Jacklin, who looks a bit like Patrick Swayzee during his Road House years, and fits the bill for a mid-90s low-budget action star. He has a leather jacket, spends half the film topless, beds and rescues the tough girl, avenges his buddy, becomes a caring father figure to a rogue street kid, and brings down an illegal underground fight club. And he does it all without really having to act. “You really don’t like to fight, do you?” asks his reporter girlfriend, who has clearly been watching a different film. Jacklin smashes his way through arms dealer Martin Kove’s criminal gang, defeats all comers in a succession of cage fights, and squares up to hired muscle Matthias Hues for the final showdown. Benny Urquidez works as fight choreographer, adding a touch of authenticity to the kickboxing scenes as well as appearing in a small cameo as himself. But other than that the film is mostly generic.

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