Death Dimension (1978)

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Death Dimension (1978)

Perhaps if Jim Kelly hadn’t taken so many bad decisions then maybe his action movie career may have progressed further into the 1980s and the era of the big guns. Kelly certainly had the right attitude, the good looks and the martial arts skills to make him a big star. If he had successfully avoided no brain turkeys like this one, then maybe his story would have been very different indeed. As usual he makes the best out of a bad situation, playing a police detective alongside a Bruce Lee wannabe who travels to Los Angeles to bring to justice a heartless pimp called The Pig (played by Odd Job) who plans to sell a weather control device to terrorists, or something. The instructions for the device are bizarrely kept on a microchip embedded in the head of its creator’s student, who is kidnapped by the bad guy in an attempt to prompt a lashing from Kelly’s kung fu chops. Adamson directs with all the excitement of a hernia. He drives this laborious chore at such an incredibly slow pace it’s little wonder so many of the cast are falling asleep. And quite what George Lazenby is doing in this is anybody’s guess. Available in all bargain bins.

AKA: Black Eliminator; Freeze Bomb; Icy Death; The Kill Factor

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