Bruce Lee Against Supermen (1975)

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Bruce Lee Against Supermen (1975)

Cheap, nonsensical Bruceploitation from Alpha Films – synonymous for their crass Bruce Li output – which attempts to replicate the superhero campiness of an episode of The Green Hornet, only without any of the competency required of telling a structured, coherent story. The film obviously has an excellent title, and for the most part it lives up to its bonkers reputation. An elderly Chinese scientist has discovered a secret formula to make food from petroleum – just go with it – so some foreign-backed HK gangsters kidnap the old man in a bid for world domination. It looks like another case for the Green Hornet, only he seems to be away on some other errand, so Kato (Bruce Li) steps in. But then Kato also disappears, to be replaced with Bruce Li (again), only now playing a totally separate character; a kung fu whiz called Carter who steals Bruce Lee‘s flares and bonks his way into the story by way of the scientist’s daughter. The baddies enlist the help of Superman to take out Carter – played by the old actor Lung Fei with a tea towel on his back – who seems to have retired from his superhero duties to work for the mob in exchange for “money, plenty of girls and booze”. Most of the laborious chase scenes seem to have been filmed on the fly around the streets of Hong Kong, which makes for mildly diverting entertainment, all of which is played out over wild 70s prog rock. Bruce Li carries off the Lee schtick with adequate aplomb during a litany of stock fight sequences. It’s a shameful exercise but also quite fascinating.

AKA: Bruce Lee vs. the Supermen; Bruce Lee vs. the Supermen; Call Me Dragon; Superdragon vs. Superman.

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