Zombie Fight Club (2014)

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Zombie Fight Club (2014)

Tedious Taiwanese zombie flick with a really unpleasant seedy streak. The film is split into two parts: the first part rips off The Raid, the second rips off The Walking Dead. In The Raid section, a SWAT team led by corrupt Michael Wong and dashing young do-gooder Andy On are trapped in an apartment block during a zombie invasion, caused by what seems to be some dodgy pills at a orgy. The second section is set a year after the attack, in which Andy On and some other remaining humans are used as gladiatorial guinea pigs in a zombie fight club (hence the title), orchestrated by a twisted self-imposed ruler (Jack Kao) who keeps his undead daughter chained up at home. Writer-director Jo Chien’s main references seem to stretch from torture porn to simply low-budget porn. His barometer for bad taste knows no bounds: we get a meat grinder to the face, a punch through the skull, and a zombie baby. Despite the relentless gore-fest, it’s the rampant misogyny which is much harder to stomach. There is not a single woman in the cast who is not objectified in some way; they are either partially naked, fully naked, terrified or useless. Andy On gets to display his fighting chops, but only sporadically; even a showdown with his buddy, Philip Ng (also the film’s fight choreographer), is disappointingly brief. Yucky. Avoid.

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