Weapons of Death (1981)

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Weapons of Death (1981)

Ugly American B movie which descends into non-stop fisticuffs once it veers off-road and into the Californian outback. Director, writer and actor Paul Kyriazi takes a decent meat-headed stab at showcasing an array of styles and cultures, albeit in a mostly crass fashion. Everyone is fighting over the possession of a kidnapped Chinese girl. She has been nabbed from her Chinatown home and bundled into a van by a brutish biker thug channeling Lee Marvin, orchestrated by a wild gang of sword fighters with a personal vendetta against the girl’s family, and an all-female killer army who appear from the undergrowth like trapdoor ninja. Her family take to the hills to rescue her using an assortment of old school Chinese weaponry – broadswords, spears, hook-knives and other paraphernalia – with estranged father Curt (Bob Ramos) in tow waving a Katana sword. Eric Lee, whose character is called Eric, is the girl’s kung fu brother who ends up stripped to the waist by the end of the film, imitating Bruce Lee in a decent weapons kerfuffle with veteran performer Gerald Okamura. Lee is the most engaging cast member by a long way; the rest have seemingly been made up of volunteers on heavy sedation.

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