Universal Soldier (1992)

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Universal Soldier (1992)

In a desperate attempt to counter terrorism, a top secret wing of the US army have created the Unisol – a team of hi-tech command-driven killing machines made from resurrected bodies of ex-military men. With their strength enhanced and their memories wiped, carnage ensues when Vietnam vets Luc (Van Damme) and Andrew (Lundgren) piece together the fragments of their past. Andrew’s a psychopathic, ear-collecting trigger happy Sergeant determined to wipe out the traitors of war, while Luc’s the sensitive type, fleeing his regeneration compound in a quest to relocate his home. Accompanied by disillusioned journalist Veronica (Walker), the two escape across the Arizona desert pursued by Andrew and a whole host of death-defying Unisols.

Emmerich does well to maintain the pace and excitement in what is probably Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren’s finest hour. Thankfully their roles aren’t too demanding: Lundgren’s hulking, grotesque bad guy is a real treat, quite laughable but spirited nonetheless, while Van Damme’s hero comes complete with obligatory butt shots and high kicks. Of the violent action, the barnyard brawl between our superstar combatants is a macho finale well worth the admission, and forms the icing on the cake of a truly reckless, if dim-witted, action movie.

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