Two Great Cavaliers (1978)

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Two Great Cavaliers (1978)

A convoluted hotbed of kung fu movie talent. This Ming Dynasty fable shows a clan of resistance fighters squabble among themselves in an attempt to confront some Manchu bounders led by snarling super villain Chan Sing, who can emit poisonous blows from his dirty palm strikes. John Liu wants out of their futile plan so he can shack up with his fiancé but an endless rabble of halfwitted assassins keep dragging him back into the game. By the end the film completely loses the plot and it becomes impossible to decipher good from bad. The film’s only saving grace is a great cast and some exotic weaponry. The costumes are also good and must have set the budget back considerably as very little seems to have been spent on anything else.

AKA: Blade of Fury; Deadly Duo.

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