Tiger Over Wall (1980)

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Tiger Over Wall (1980)

Great vehicle for Phillip Ko, who cuts a stern central figure as a young patriot targeted by traitorous local police in league with “foreigners”. A rich gweilo loses his pet boxer dog and the cops put a whole team on the case (haven’t they got anything better to do?). They frame the dim, trusting locals, inevitably involving the kung fu school and events turn bloody. Cheung Lik is the prodigal son who returns in time to help his brethren out. Hwang Jang-lee wears another strange moustache as an evil police chief and brothel owner who confronts Phillip Ko in the final reel. The fight is exhausting. It starts with a weapons duel located in the chief’s palatial gardens pitting pole against guandao, before moving onto mantis style and kicks. The fight then moves into the living room where the combatants get to smash up the crockery before finishing up on the lawn. It’s meaty stuff – a real zinger.

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  • Colin

    I found out the other day this film was based on true events. I can watch Hwang Jang-lee films all day one of if not the best kickers in Kung fu cinema. And that moustache really does make him look evil

  • Debra Hodges

    One of the best martial arts movies I’ve ever seen!

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