The Transporter (2002)

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The Transporter (2002)

Starting with a stylish, fast-paced car chase through the busy streets of France, you quickly realise that Corey Yuen’s glossy American action film isn’t going to be a quiet ride. Jason Statham plays a no-nonsense escort driver who lives by his own rules, transporting secret cargo in a black BMW for financial incentive. Taiwanese actor Shu Qi is wrapped in a body bag and thrown in the boot of his car, which finally causes the macho driver to question his bosses’ sinister motives. A slave ring involving Chinese immigrants is unearthed, and Statham acts as a one man army determined to bring it down. The story is hardly original, but then perhaps we expect too much from producer/writer Luc Besson following his masterful work on Leon. The film instead favours the gnarled charms of Jason Statham and offers him free reign to shoot about the place and beat up the bad guys with some well-executed high-kicks. The first half of the film sets up his motivation: a brewing romance, his past misdemeanors and lucrative occupation. The second half concentrates entirely on mindless excitement: car chases, slow motion gun battles via John Woo and a group kung fu showdown in which The Stath oils up and grapples topless in one of the film’s many suggestively homoerotic fight sequences. If you want something particularly brainless, this should tick all the boxes.

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