The Tai Chi Master (1993)

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The Tai Chi Master (1993)

Jet Li and Chin Siu-ho play lifelong buddies born and bred the Shaolin way until Chin is expelled for harming a student. Jet continues to help his brother in the secular world, eventually crossing the path of Michelle Yeoh who plays the leader of a rebel force set to bring down an evil eunuch. Jet sides with the rebels and Chin enrolls in the military, rising quickly to become lieutenant. A sword scrap between Jet and Chin leaves our hero mildly insane, becoming a kung fu idiot and an expert in Taoist ways. Luckily he invents the soft tai chi style in time to combat his former friend in a thrilling bloodbath finale. Colourful and good natured, this is a pleasant watch and rewarding throughout.

AKA: Twin Warriors

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