The Postman Fights Back (1982)

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The Postman Fights Back (1982)

Ronnie Yu’s directorial debut is a powerful, sometimes savage political romp, shot entirely in Korea with high production values and smart direction taking it a notch above your standard kung fu fare. Set during the formation of the Chinese Republic, the story focuses on a popular folk tale about four dead-end types who are sent on a special mission to transport a secret cargo to the ‘Lo Yang Pass’ in seven days. The team become patriotic heroes when the cargo is revealed to be a stash of weapons heading for notorious warlord Yue Sai-hoi to help in his quest to take out Sun Yat-sen and the national guard, the provisional first president of the Republic. As for the action, the film has some interesting moments consisting of graphic machine gun battles, silly supernatural ninja fights and some high-calibre kung fu bouts from the Yuen clan, featuring the natural talents of Leung Kar-yan – this time less ‘beardy’ and more ‘stubbly’.

AKA: The Horseman with Secret Missions; Patrol Horse; The Postman Strikes Back; Postman Strikes Back.

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