The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)

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The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)

Roger Moore’s second Bond outing takes a whistle stop tour of Southeast Asia, from Macau through Hong Kong to Thailand and concluding in China. Director Hamilton uses his resources wisely and conjures up a great bag of tricks, including a stunning car chase in Bangkok, a strange circus themed horror show in Scaramanga’s lair and, towards the end, a flying car. He nestles into a kung fu section when Bond wakes up in a hastily assembled dojo to witness a few demos from Filipino knife fighters and a karate expert, before scrapping with one of the Chinese extras. As his opponent bows, Bond promptly kicks him in the face – a staunchly imperialist reaction to eastern mysticism, perhaps, or maybe the minion’s own fault for dismissing the advice of Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon to “never take your eyes off your opponent”. Moore’s frippery adds a tongue in cheek nature to the misogyny and political incorrectness, and despite being dated on a decency level the film is still heaps of fun. Plus it has Britt Ekland in a bikini, which would elevate just about any film.

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