The Killer in White (1980)

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The Killer in White (1980)

Roy Chiao and Stephen Tung play cop buddies in a sort of Holmes/Watson style double act in kung fu costume. Chiao plays the brains and Wei the brawn as they hunt for the infamous White Killer, rumoured to be the wealthy gambling entrepreneur Master Mang (Yen Shi-kwan) in disguise. Not a particularly convincing disguise, either, opting for an all-white kung fu suit and hat with fake eyebrows. This film has one of those random plot contrivances tacked on at the end – the sort of thing they probably made up on the spot – involving a white-suited doppelganger played by Huang Ha. The chemistry between the two leading men works – Chiao representing the wise, diplomatic old guard and Tung the hotheaded kung fu youth – and the Sammo-esque kung fu scenes are quite brilliant. An early triumph for Stephen Tung’s unquestionable talents.

AKA: Ghost of the Ninja; Killer Wears White; Shadow Ninja

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