The Head Hunter (1982)

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The Head Hunter (1982)

Chow Yun-fat plays a multifaceted explosives expert working on a HK film set. He also has a side project as a sadistic hitman working for The Eagles – not the band – but a crime syndicate using the movie industry to fund their gang warfare. Rosamund Kwan plays an intrepid news reporter who smells something fishy when a gas attack at a nearby school traces the explosives directly back to the crooks and their deadly film workshop. The most convincing scenes involve a burgeoning romance between our two leads and a rather punishing series of Vietnam flashbacks, with Chow struggling to return his family back to HK and forget his troubled past. There isn’t really much in the way of martial arts action so the film is more of a curiosity for hardcore Chow Yun-fat fans, eager to watch all of his early films no matter how terrible they are.

AKA: Hunting Heads; Long Goodbye

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