The Guy with Secret Kung Fu (1981)

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The Guy with Secret Kung Fu (1981)

Law Chi follows up 1978’s The Invincible Kung Fu Trio with another run-out for Shaolin revolutionaries Hung Hei-kwan (Meng Fei) and Fong Sai-yuk (Li Chung-chien), with both leads reprising their roles only in a more supernatural setting. The Ming dynasty patriots fend off the full force of the Dragon gang, led by a kung fu madame (Sally Chen) firing poisonous darts from her sword, and a black-magic monk based in a fiery dungeon who possesses the mind of the rotund Cheng Fu-hung to carry out his killings. The boys spend the entire film fighting people and are not particularly secretive about it, so the title seems like a misnomer. There’s a lot of comedy in the film, including a neat turn from a father-daughter team of coffin-makers who are profiting from all the death caused by the two boys. There’s also a strange moment of frog-style kung fu in the final reel, complete with bouncing and ribbiting noises, and the dungeon sequences follow a Frankenstein-theme which is all appropriately silly.

AKA: The Guy with the Secret Kung Fu.

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