The Duel (2000)

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The Duel (2000)

Andrew Lau’s succession of high-concept, big-budget special effects extravaganzas (The Storm Riders, A Man Called Hero) hits a glossy brick wall with this mumbled mix of comedy, action and romance. A handsome cast perform an Imperial conspiracy in fantasy China, set against a backdrop of a duel between master swordsmen Andy Lau and Ekin Cheng. The visual effects are quite something. Andy Lau’s Hovering Heavenly Angel Stance involves firing electric bolts of energy, while Ekin Cheng is offered a wonderful sequence in which a line of statues come to life. The eventual duel of the title sees the film’s leads harness the power of the skies while flying – swords at the ready – into one another. But these brief moments of glory are squandered by long sections of overplayed humour and sentiment.

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