The Dragon, the Hero (1979)

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The Dragon, the Hero (1979)

“Dying time”, exclaims Phillip Ko in a ridiculously deep overdub as he rotates mini egg timers before pounding the life out of an unfortunate adversary. It’s all in the name of progress, apparently; how else can he and his lunatic boss (Chan Lau) expect to sell on a stash of stolen antiques to some dastardly westerners? Luckily, Tino Wong and his friend Dragon Lee resist their onslaught, but they are still no match for Ko and his new recruit, John Liu. But John and Tino are united by a common purpose. Both are the last descendants of the Stone Rock Fist, so they decide to unite and bring a little justice back into this crazy kung fu town. The stellar cast provide plenty of entertainment in this cheesy chopsocky, including some stunning backwards editing and a remarkable two-on-one finale.

AKA: Dragon and the Hero; Dragon on FireDragon the GreatMuscle of the Dragon

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