Take Back (2021)

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Take Back (2021)

A tiny-budgeted female-led riff on Taken starring Gillian White – wife of Michael Jai White – as a woman with a special set of skills, hunting for her kidnapped step-daughter. The young girl has been taken by Mickey Rourke, playing a notorious sex trafficker with a shed full of stolen women. In the absence of having a character, Rourke’s performance seems to mostly involve mumbling, sitting down, the occasional bit of walking, putting on sunglasses, and then taking them off again. Michael Jai White plays Gillian’s husband and karate instructor in a nice reference to their real lives. Despite playing second fiddle, he still gets stuck in during the final rescue sequence, when everybody gets to run around the California desert with their guns out. The chemistry between the two leads form the film’s best moments, with Michael playing a glasses-wearing high-school teacher, and Gillian a well-respected owner of a law firm who becomes something of a local celeb when a video of her apprehending a thug goes viral. The film starts with great promise, but it just never gets going, meandering into quite formulaic territory and squandering opportunities for exciting set-pieces. So it’s a muted start for Gillian White’s action career, but she undoubtedly has more to offer.

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