Sword of Honor (1994)

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Sword of Honor (1994)

Straight-to-video head-punching from PM Entertainment – heralded purveyors of low-budget, high-kicking video-store product from the 1990s – this perfunctory cop flick gives TV star Steven Vincent Leigh a glimpse of the limelight. And he’s pretty good, investigating some mafia-types in Las Vegas after they kill his cop buddy (played by the film’s fight choreographer, Jeff Pruitt) over a sword dating back to the Mongol empire. Leigh is a renegade on the force who can’t even go to the gym or buy a hotdog without somebody wanting a piece of him. He quickly moves in on his dead partner’s sister, the local self-defence teacher Vicky (Sophia Crawford, fresh from her stint working in Hong Kong), and the two have hunky karate sex in slow-motion. He’s never seemingly in any real danger, while Crawford is rather unforgivably denied her own fist-flying finale; instead she is restricted to a hospital bed as further motivation for the male lead. At least some of the fight scenes are quite dynamic, despite the film’s obvious limitations.

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