She Shoots Straight (1990)

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She Shoots Straight (1990)

Demure former Miss Hong Kong, Joyce Godenzi, transforms into a guns-blazing action hero for this melodramatic cop movie for Sammo Hung‘s Bo Ho Films. Sammo and Joyce would later marry in 1995, but not before she gets the Corey Yuen treatment, who paved the way for female-led action movies following the success of films like Yes, Madam! and Righting Wrongs. Godenzi plays Mina, a top cop on the road to promotion who marries the only son of a respected police family. She struggles to win over the affections of his four sisters, but mainly Carina Lau, who really has a problem with Mina stealing her brother and being teacher’s pet in the force. But when a gang of illegal immigrants from Vietnam – led by the always excellent Yuen Wah – have their heist on a nightclub thwarted by Mina, the gang exact their revenge by skewering her hubby. Mina and her new cop family, including police chief Sammo, are thrown off the case, so they all bond together and go vigilante to exact their revenge. It culminates in one of those typically berserk, Hong Kong brawls which are just so incredible to watch, featuring a bike chase, gun fight, and a fantastic face-off between Joyce Godenzi and Agnes Aurelio, playing Yuen Wah’s kung fu sister. Moments of overblown sentiment aside, this is a great showcase for Godenzi, and a typical example of the so-called ‘Girls with guns’ sub-genre of Hong Kong action movies.

AKA: Lethal Lady.

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