Return of the Street Fighter (1974)

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Return of the Street Fighter (1974)

The irrepressible Terry Sugury returns to red-blooded glory in this sequel to The Street Fighterplaying peacemaker to two warring Japanese karate schools. Instead of stringent political debate, the head of a mafia-run martial arts conglomerate hires Sugury to deal with their rivals. Terry refuses, so the baddies try to silence him, only to have their limbs disconnected as a consequence. The film is just as gratuitously violent as before, maybe more so (fingers are jabbed through throats, guns are inserted into bodies, and Terry hits a man’s head so hard his eyes pop out), but it is a rushed affair and evidently short. The only character who remotely comes close to stopping Terry’s super moves is the embittered and vengeful grouch from the first film (Ishibashi), who now talks through creepy electronic vocal chords following his last encounter with Sugury. Aside from the aforementioned challenger, Terry just about kicks everybody’s ass, and the long flashbacks to the first film only help to remind us of all the ass he kicked before. An uncut DVD version exists for all you bloodhounds.

AKA: The Street Fighter 2

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