Return of the Kung Fu Dragon (1976)

Posted in Reviews by - February 06, 2013
Return of the Kung Fu Dragon (1976)

So, the kung fu dragon returns (when did he go away?) in such a stock title you wonder whether the filmmakers merely placed all the kung fu clichés into a hat and picked them out at random. Descendants of the former royal guards of Phoenix Island are viciously usurped by a magical warlord capable of awesome kung fu tricks, mostly involving a smoke machine. He’s so badass he even employs a minion to carry his beard. The descendants unite to take down the evil doers and rid the warlord of his sacred Dragon Stick, seemingly the source of his super powers which he uses for a telekinetic version of chess boxing as our hero tries to look cool in an orange shirt. Speaking of costumes, the wardrobe department appear to have based most of their attire on the villains from Star Trek. The film’s complete lack of coherency is fabulously endearing. It’s barking nonsense. You would get more sense talking to a cat.

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