Pound of Flesh (2015)

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Pound of Flesh (2015)

Garbled, earnest action film in which a naked Van Damme wakes up in a Manila hotel to find his bed sheets covered in blood and one of his kidneys missing. “Where is my kidney?” he shouts at a waiter; and before you ask, yes, this is the actual story. Van Damme was intending to donate the kidney to an ailing niece in a selfless act to save the girl’s life, as well as reconcile his relationship with his estranged brother. His sibling is an American called George (John Ralston) who doesn’t seem to question why his brother has a French accent. Van Damme’s ex-serviceman skills are tested by hired goons when he steps in to find the missing organ, and he is challenged by the high kicks and British menace of the great Darren Shahlavi in his last film role before his untimely death. The film is most assured when John Salvitti’s choreography does the talking. The rest of the time, however, it is disjointed beyond distraction, with odd green-screen moments, weirdly dubbed dialogue and a plot which will make you want to hurl things at the screen.

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