One Night in Bangkok (2020)

Posted in Reviews by - August 31, 2020
One Night in Bangkok (2020)

Meditative revenge drama from director Wych Kaosayananda, who last worked with action star Mark Dacascos for 2019’s The Driver. Dacascos plays Kai, a smartly dressed, well-mannered hitman who lands in Bangkok and immediately sets to work picking off his targets as the night unfolds, assisted in his travels by unassuming young taxi driver, Fha (Vanida Golten). There are clear parallels to Michael Mann’s excellent 2004 film, Collateral, even down to Dacascos’ grey suit, although this has a more dream-like, almost meandering sensibility, particularly during the projected dialogue scenes between Kai and Fha, in which the two wax lyrical about everything from food to religion to fishing. Anyone expecting a ballistic fight film will be disappointed, despite the listing of fellow martial arts star Kane Kosugi; his appearance is nothing more than an extended cameo. It is, however, a good acting vehicle for Dacascos – always a captivating and strong lead – who is given plenty of room to explore his antihero character.

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