Magnificent Warriors (1987)

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Magnificent Warriors (1987)

A remote Mongolian village is overrun by the Japanese during World War II and a collection of Chinese mercenaries, dignitaries, special agents and thieves are on hand to drive them out. What starts as a typically brash comic tale with splices of kung fu action soon degenerates into an all-out war between the heavily armed Japanese and the peasant Chinese, all over-played and jingoistic. Director David Chung intervenes with some striking visuals, helped in no small part by a notably large budget, while choreographers Stephen Tung et al fuse delicate wushu weaponry with heavy-handed fisticuffs in all-too-brief excursions offering more of a light snack than a hearty meal. Luckily, charming leading lady Yeoh is on hand to smile through most of the mess, playing a feisty female commando.

AKA: Dynamite Fighters; Yes, Madam III

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