Kung Fu Zombie (1982)

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Kung Fu Zombie (1982)

A delirious chopsocky which cashes in on the crop of supernatural pictures being made at the time and moves so quickly that most of it makes very little sense. But then again, the film features crazy vampire assassins with flaming hands and disfigured corpses possessing people’s souls, so it more than compensates. A sprightly Billy Chong plays the unlucky victim of a Taoist priest with a barrage of spells, and the boy is forced to fight a pair of top bastards. First there’s Kwan Yung-moon, a twice reborn assassin, and then he must face his own possessed father, played by Lo Lieh, who doesn’t seem to have liked his son very much anyway. Exciting in places, this is probably for die hards only, and a little too crass for any kind of mass appeal.

AKA: Kung Fu from Beyond the Grave

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