Knock Off (1998)

Posted in Reviews by - October 11, 2012
Knock Off (1998)

Set in Hong Kong during the 1997 hand over, this less than satisfactory thriller sees fashion designer Van Damme and the CIA trying to bust a counterfeit jeans operation involving local mobsters and some Russian heavies. Miniature explosives the size of a watch battery are being disguised within the goods, so let’s hope our crack team of western superpowers can save the world, and themselves, from total disaster.

They won’t be able to save the film, however, which is long dead by the time the stupid story kicks in. Given all its rapid editing and experimental camerawork, one would expect more from a Tsui Hark movie given his sterling track record in Hong Kong. Yet this is just incoherent, pretentious nonsense with little excitement and dreadful acting to boot.

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