Invincible Armour (1977)

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Invincible Armour (1977)

A stroke of genius from Ng See-yuen. This is a great costume yarn featuring a classy blend of decent kung fu, high production values, lavish scenery, slick direction and a rousing spaghetti western soundtrack. We’re transported back to the Ming Dynasty where John Liu plays a straight-laced hero, hunted for a crime he did not commit. Hwang Jang-lee plays the traitorous warlord dedicated to his own personal glory. He’s the real culprit, of course, but defeating him won’t be easy. He’s a master of the Eagle Claw and has spent the majority of his life learning the Iron Armour technique, creating an impenetrable body with a minimum of weak spots. Courtesy of a visual aide depicting two eggs being crushed by hand, it’s not too difficult to decipher where Hwang’s coveted weak spot is eventually located.

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