Intensive Care (2018)

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Intensive Care (2018)

Indie action thriller with comedic overtones which acts as a decent exhibition for Hollywood stunt performer Tara Macken. Her first central performance should not only provide enough content for her showreel (including fist fights, falls, and a neat car stunt), but she should also earn bonus points for a fully rounded acting performance. As soldier-turned-day nurse Alex, she is introduced as a meek, live-in carer naively hoodwinked into allowing crooks to steal the fortunes of a dying old lady. Alex is tied-up and held hostage, but not for long. She breaks free and goes rogue, planning her own attack to thwart the thieves in her own home; a bit like Home Alone, only more violent.¬†Shot in only 14 days, the film is effective despite its limitations, and as a device to showcase Macken’s full range of talents, it’s a promising start.

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