Incoming (2018)

Posted in Reviews by - January 24, 2021
Incoming (2018)

Low-budget Serbian space movie which never fully delivers on a promising premise, set in a future where the International Space Station has been turned into a prison to house some of the world’s worst terrorists. Before you can say “Die Hard on a spaceship”, the prisoners break out and take control – one of them has a background in flying spaceships, obviously – and set course for Moscow on a suicidal death plunge. With a gung-ho crew of American astronauts trapped on board, violence ensues with primitive weaponry – the best being some makeshift bottles of exploding piss. This being set in space and all, there’s precious little chance of the group actually escaping, so the whole exercise seems futile. Scott Adkins steps in to drive the bulk of the film’s action, but with choppy editing and shakey cameras, it’s not nearly close to his impeccably high standards. There are strange comedic beats which don’t land and some honking dialogue, with Scott using an American drawl to shout lines like, “The Geneva Convention doesn’t apply in space!” and, “Don’t fuck with America!” Like the ship itself, the film is stalled, stranded and inert. For Adkins completists only.


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