Fong Sai-yuk II (1993)

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Fong Sai-yuk II (1993)

Rushed sequel made the same year as the original film, this follow-up focuses on Adam Cheng’s appointment as the new head of the Red Flower Society rather than the charming relationship between Fong and his mother. There’s an important box out there detailing the true identity of the Red Flower leader and Fong is chosen to retrieve it, doing battle with some Japanese Samurais and Manchurian guards in the process. Amy Kwok plays a new love interest. She’s a Manchurian daughter who weds Fong in sly pursuit of the coveted box. Josephine Siao returns to relay some matriarchal dominance over proceedings, playing Fong’s slightly subdued mother who is now smitten by an old flame (played by the film’s director, Corey Yuen). The real meat in the story is supplied by a traitor within the Society who plots its downfall, imprisoning the new leader and holding Fong’s mother hostage. The bizarre finale sees Fong and his nemesis do battle atop a pyramid of unstable wooden benches as his helpless mother is suspended dangerously above. It doesn’t beat the first film for sheer fun and excitement but it’s a worthy sequel nonetheless.

AKA: The Legend 2; The Legend of Fong Sai-yuk 2

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