Double Impact (1991)

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Double Impact (1991)

Egos run wild as Van Damme is given a double dosage in this rampant, enjoyable thriller, hampered somewhat by the now two dreadful acting performances instead of just the one. Yet credit where it’s due: this is one of his better outings, as he broadens his thespian range at the same time as stylishly kicking people in the head. Revenge is on the cards as Van Damme plays twin brothers separated at birth and reunited after 25 years. One’s a camp American aerobics instructor who wears silk underwear, the other a tough cigar chomping gangster type raised in Hong Kong. Their parents were hopelessly slaughtered when they were babies and they summarily vow revenge. It’s laughable enough, just as it should be, and violent as hell, with stocky Bolo Yeung playing the punishing villain of the piece, and with two prancing Van Dammes causing utter bloody chaos.

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