Cheetah on Fire (1992)

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Cheetah on Fire (1992)

Action yarn filmed back-to-back with Crystal Hunt and utilising the same cast, crew and locations. This begins in Hong Kong where the local law enforcement screw up a joint investigation with CIA officers when their prime suspect (Shing Fui-on) escapes police custody during a gun battle with some gangsters. Gordon Liu sports a Tarantino suit and wild hair to play a big shot bastard – the kind of thug who bonks a prostitute while undergoing surgery on a bullet wound – who wants Shing’s computer chip to sell to a foreign buyer. Donnie Yen plays a tempestuous but honourable supercop flown in from the States to help Peggy (Sharla Cheung) with her case – but they don’t particularly get on and clearly have issues which will need to be resolved. The computer chip has something to do with a stash of stolen missiles, so when Liu finally gets hold of it, the film changes from a tough cop flick into a native guerrilla war film with the remaining cast flying off to Thailand to don camo gear and AK-47s in a ballistic finale. Beefy gweilos take the final beatings with Carrie Ng duffing up John Salvitti and Donnie Yen tackling the mighty Michael Woods. It’s energetic with a great cast but hardly essential viewing.

AKA: Revenge of the Cheetah

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