Beautiful Boxer (2003)

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Beautiful Boxer (2003)

The true story of Nong Toom (Thailand’s famous transgender kickboxer) is told in true Hollywood style by director Ekachai Uekrongtham, who focuses equally on her troubled formative years as well as her many violent exploits in the ring. Nong’s story is remarkable and handled with great sensitivity, told through her many developments from a confused child with a penchant for lipstick to her first dabble with Muay Thai kickboxing as a means of supporting her parents. She becomes a national hero laden with make-up before her more troubling later years prior to her sex-change operation. Suwan is fantastic in the lead, contrasting delicate femininity with some truly vicious fight scenes. The film’s success at festivals around the globe helped to further underline the popularity of post-millennial Thai film and put the country firmly on the cinematic map.

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