Angel II (1988)

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Angel II (1988)

Not quite the same rollicking thrill ride of the first film, although this sequel certainly redeems itself in the final act in which the Angels go native and take on a heavily armed militia in a Malaysian rainforest. Up to that point it seems the crew have joined the characters on their tropical vacation, gently teasing viewers with Malay scenery and a back story involving CIA operative Alex’s reunion with his former classmates. Moon and Elaine take to sunbathing by the pool while the lads enjoy a good fight at a transexual nightclub. But their holiday is cut short when Alex’s rich philanthropist buddy Peter Kam (Nathan Chan) is revealed to be channeling his wealth into funding his own revolutionary army determined to take down the government. So Elaine, Moon and Alex (helped by another Angel, the mysterious guerrilla fighter Kharina) don camouflage gear and machine guns to destroy a small section of jungle. The highlight is undoubtedly Moon Lee going toe-to-toe with the film’s fight choreographer Yuen Tak – it’s a blistering showcase of fierce fists and kicks.

AKA: Angels 2; Fighting Madam 2; Hong Kong Police Madam 2; Iron Angels 2; Iron Angels II; Midnight Angels 2.

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