And Now You’re Dead (1998)

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And Now You’re Dead (1998)

This overbearing action movie is maybe too reckless for its own good. Shannon Lee, daughter of Bruce, isn’t much of a catch to sustain the enthusiasm, resorting to pale imitations of her father and highlighting the film’s more exploitative aspects, with most of the movie handed over to the cool Michael Wong who leads with adequate aplomb. The story of a gang of aspiring young thieves travelling to Prague to pocket a priceless jewel is handled like a Die Hard imitation with plenty of explosions, gun fights and kung fu, but everything comes unstuck when sub-plots meander into misguided comedy routines and tedious love stories. Still, seeing Benny ‘the Jet’ in action is worth something, even if he is stabbed by a propeller head and burned alive in an exploding blimp.

AKA: Enter the Eagles

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