A Karate Christmas Miracle (2019)

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A Karate Christmas Miracle (2019)

Low-budget independent faith film centring around Jesse, a clever kid haunted by visions of his missing father who disappeared following a shooting at a local cinema. Through a series of strange nightmares (involving Eric Roberts and Martin Kove, who deliver most of their lines direct-to-the camera in an acting job which must have taken them both about 20 minutes), Jesse believes his dad will come back if he achieves his karate black belt by Christmas Day. As he progresses his way through the belts, his worried mother, Abby, believes her son may be suffering from some serious psychological trauma. So she enlists the help of a good Samaritan in the form a mad lawyer-cum-psychic who provides her with information on the case, which not only helps to move the plot along, but also provides her with emotional support and guidance. As a workaholic, it’s clear that Abby has been neglecting her motherly duties and needs to remember what is most important to her, particularly at Christmas time. The dream sequences in the film are completely baffling and never fully resolved, which is disappointing, particularly as first-time writer-director Julie Kimmel does well to build-up the story quite convincingly over its mercifully short running time, in spite of the production’s glaringly obvious limitations.

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