36 Deadly Styles (1979)

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36 Deadly Styles (1979)

Hwang Jang-lee reprises his evil Silver Fox role and Bolo Yeung wears dreadlocks in this ham-fisted phooey from cult master Joseph Kuo. The story focuses on the Ming Chu clan who will stop at nothing to retrieve a highly coveted kung fu manual for the ’36 styles’. This includes pillaging, terrorising and picking on young temple recruits, like Cheung Lik and his Buddhist uncle, Wong Biu-chan. Jeanie Chang and her burly father, Fan Mei-sheng, also want a piece of the action, so they leave their bean curd business in the village to do battle. Max Lee’s shapes are sublime in a rather run-of-the-mill offering, although the moments of intentional absurdity are refreshing.

AKA: The Deadly Style; Shadow Boxing; The 36 Deadly Styles.

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