X2 (2003)

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X2 (2003)

This X-Men sequel kicks off with an assassination attempt on the US President. A blue-skinned teleporter high kicks his way through the walls and ceilings of the White House only to be denied at the last hurdle. The near-miss causes the President to take evasive action against all mutants. This escalates into a full scale military take over of Professor Xavier’s School for the Exceptionally Gifted, and the X-Men are turfed out into the wilderness. The man behind the President’s attack is a twisted anti-mutant general whose lair under a giant dam is home to mutant experiments and evil schemes for their annihilation. To battle this swine, the whole team reunite. Jean Grey is somewhat losing her touch after falling in love with Cyclops whilst Magneto and Mystique look set to change sides and help the kidnapped Professor X in a quest to save themselves. Then there’s Wolverine, of course, still battling with his personal demons and getting a kicking from a sexy Asian rival called Lady Deathstrike. This betters the first: a thrill-ride with spot on visuals and a wisecracking script.

AKA: X-Men 2

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