Who Am I? (1998)

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Who Am I? (1998)

Jackie Chan plays part of a Special Forces unit sent into deepest Africa to kidnap scientists working on a volatile new weapon formed from meteorite fragments. The raid is a disaster and the team perish in a helicopter crash, except for Chan, who is taken in by a nearby tribe and nursed back to health. Once he has recuperated, Chan is discovered to have developed amnesia, and a quest to uncover the truth begins. Shot in South Africa and Holland (the truncated tribal section is a particular highlight), this globe-trotting Jackie Chan adventure is one of his better nineties outings. It would prove to be his last Hong Kong film before the huge international success of Rush Hour would propel him to even greater stardom in the west. He is enigmatic throughout, reverting to brilliantly orchestrated martial arts mayhem for the final bout: a gripping encounter with two ace fighters on a rooftop. Chan was rewarded for his efforts by winning Best Action Choreography at the 1999 Hong Kong Film Awards.

AKA:  Jackie Chan’s Who Am I?

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