Warrioress (2013)

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Warrioress (2013)

Low-budget British riff on the Boudica story with a bit of Lord of the Rings thrown in, set in a post-apocalyptic world in which humanity has descended into tribalism and ritualistic paganism. A scantily clad warrior called Boudiccu (Fay) from the ‘Danonshee tribe’ acquires the holy swords ‘Opener’ and ‘Dragon Singer’ in open combat and must go on a journey to fulfil an age-old prophecy to fight in the ‘duelling circle’. Along the way she fends off bandits from the evil ‘Falonex tribe’, who appear to be planning world domination from a giant CGI oil rig. The dialogue is impenetrable, spoken in a solemn, ‘olde world’ English which is full of soul-searching, inner monologue and – god help us – folk singing, with the film constantly threatening to break into an Enya song. The diminutive Cecily Fay leads her first feature film with aplomb and remains stoic throughout, decked out in a pendent headband, metallic bikini, gladiator boots, sword belt and pretty much nothing else. Like most of the cast, she looks like she has escaped from the Healing Field at Glastonbury festival. It’s the fight scenes which really zing – choreographed by Fay and Joey Ansah – which sees her flipping, spinning, stabbing and strutting her stuff across the green belts of Great Britain, alongside some of the UK’s other great on-screen fighting talent, including Christian Howard, Joelle Simpson, Helen Bailey and Zara Phythian.

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