Tribal: Get Out Alive (2020)

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Tribal: Get Out Alive (2020)

Caitlin (Doctor Strange‘s Zara Phythian) and Brad (Game of Thrones‘ Ross O’Hennessy) are army vets working as bailiffs on the mean streets of Liverpool, UK – the kind of toughs who apprehend a drug deal without calling for backup. Their next assignment is to clear a derelict country estate of its homeless inhabitants at the behest of its new owner, an entitled Scouse scoundrel with daddy issues called Richard (Thomas Dodd, in a very impressive debut acting performance). He’s shown to be a secret fan of the occult – always a bad sign – and sure enough, soon Caitlin, Brad and the police find themselves trapped inside the estate’s rabbit-warren of dark rooms and tunnels, being methodically picked off by rampant, bloodthirsty ‘creatures’. Say what you like about the British zombie film, but you can’t doubt its durability and range; from the existential (The Girl with all the Gifts) to the earnest (Redcon-1) to the silly (Cockneys vs Zombies) to the homage (Shaun of the Dead). Few of them have ever been genuinely scary, but there are moments in this film which – although the tropes will be familiar to fans of horror – are still quite effective. Decent pacing, editing and sound design help to create an apt and eerie atmosphere, and cover any cracks opened by its small budget. Where Routledge’s film has a clear edge on its indie competitors is through its well-orchestrated and accomplished action. Ross O’Hennessy has fun brawling with the film’s beefier elements, but its the star, Zara Phythian, who tears up the screen in the lead role. In the final third, she goes on an all-out rampage, donning war paint and causing all manner of zombie carnage with knives, fists and flying feet. The final duel with Dodd especially is a kick-ass delight.

AKA: Tribal.

Tribal: Get Out Alive is available on digital in the UK on 17 August 2020 courtesy of Evolutionary Films.

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