The Magnificent Kick (1980)

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The Magnificent Kick (1980)

Kwan Tak-hing comes out of semi-retirement to play Wong Fei-hung again in this routine kung fu movie. Han Ying-chieh from The Big Boss plays a feared general targeted by Cheung Lik and his two sisters seeking revenge for their murdered father. Jason Pai and Alan Chan play Master Wong’s incorrigible students who become embroiled in the sibling’s revenge plot when Jason agrees to teach one of the girls his secret kicking technique. His ‘magnificent kick’ doesn’t appear to be too dissimilar from any of his other kicks, other than the film slowing down when he does it. Like his other reverential outings as Master Wong in The Magnificent Butcher¬†and Dreadnaught, Kwan is only really required for the first part of the film where he attends a lion dance, displaying great kung fu ability for a man in his 70s, and bestowing a bit of Confucian wisdom onto his students, who then go off and beat everyone up. This is OK but no classic, and the mad inclusion of jazz funk on the soundtrack is bizarre.

AKA: Secret Kick of Death

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