The Heroic Trio (1993)

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The Heroic Trio (1993)

Surreal sci-fi fantasy starring three of Hong Kong’s finest leading ladies who play it straight despite the film’s more bizarre moments. Male babies are being kidnapped and the police aren’t up to scratch. Enter masked superhero Wonder Woman (Mui), a leather-clad avenger with special powers leading a secret double life as the repressed housewife of a naïve chief of police. The kidnapping culprit is the strange yet beautiful San (Yeoh) whose invisibility skills trouble not only the authorities but even the great Wonder Woman. San’s powerful sub-human boss (a century-old underworld eunuch) is attempting to find a suitable new emperor from his collection of stolen babies. Then there is Chat (Cheung), or the Thief Catcher, who acts as the link between the two: a loud-mouthed mercenary riding a motorcycle who once worked for the eunuch, only to now be fighting against him in a chain of events that will bring her closer to San and Wonder Woman.

There may be a deeper message here, something about the film representing a divided China with the three central figures representing Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Mainland. That may be the case, but whatever: it is still delirious comic-book fun starring three of HK’s all-time best. In one typically crazy sequence, a motorbike is spun through the air with its riders still on top. A special martial arts showdown culminates in the girls fighting the eunuch on the streets of Hong Kong, where he is reduced to mere flesh and bone while using Yeoh’s body as a weapon. Insane excitement is guaranteed for those open-minded individuals feeling disillusioned by the uninspired action movies produced by mainstream America.

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