The Driver (2019)

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The Driver (2019)

Indie outing for the Dacascos family, fighting zombies in Thailand. Mark plays the husband and father who works to protect a compound from the undead at some point in the future. “I used to kill for a living,” he says while driving, which pretty much sums up the only thing we learn about his character. His wife – played by Julie Condra, aka Mrs Dacascos, working together for first time since they met on 1995’s Crying Freeman – is bitten during a zombie attack, forcing Mark to grab his daughter (played by his actual daughter, Noelani Dacascso) and hit the road. What follows is a meandering car journey played out mostly over a green screen in which dad is given plenty of time to teach his child about some important life lessons; like how to drive an automatic, and fire a rifle. There are occasional zombie attacks, but no real sense of jeopardy. Even though the great martial artist and veteran stunt performer, Brahim Achabbakhe, steps up as stunt coordinator, there is actually not a lot of action in the film. So, it’s an odd watch; an action horror with very little action or horror.

The Driver is released on digital download on 12 October 2020 and DVD on 19 October 2020 in the UK courtesy of Lionsgate UK.

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