The Big Fight (1972)

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The Big Fight (1972)

A relentless but competent kung fu film from Taiwan which, contrary to the title, is more like a series of little scuffles followed by a big fight before culminating in a really big fight. Tien Peng and Cheung Ching-ching play the leaders of a rebel group of Chinese kung fu fighters in a Japanese occupied town at the height of the war. Like most of these frothing anti-Japanese films, the real nasties are the traitorous Chinese who play Uncle Tom to the foreign invaders and, in this instance, set up a tournament to identify the best fighters in town so they can be ended. They face experts in karate, judo and sumo wrestling, before a Sonny Chiba lookalike crops up waving a Katana sword and all hell breaks lose. The movie does contain the great line, “Your funeral’s waiting for you,” which is a pay-off worthy of Schwarzenegger. But the film is mostly generic.

AKA: Blood on the Sun; World War of Kung Fu

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