Sworn to Justice (1996)

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Sworn to Justice (1996)

Probably the best of Cynthia Rothrock‘s somewhat patchy American output, she gives a rounded and accomplished performance as Gianna, a distinguished criminal psychiatrist by day and a crime-fighting, ass-kicking vigilante by night. She is on a quest to root-out those responsible for killing her sister and nephew at the start of the film, and after a visit to a shrink (played by Star Trek‘s Chekov, Walter Koenig), there are suggestions that – after a number of increasingly powerful premonitions – Gianna may indeed have psychic abilities. This supernatural element is never fully explored, but it does add a superhero-like note to her Jekyll and Hyde persona. Beyond her obvious abilities at smashing up the baddies (she is on top form in a series a decent punch-ups), Rothrock also gets to display a more sensitive side through her close relationship with dashing publisher, Nicholas (played by No Retreat, No Surrender star, Kurt McKinney), showing off her kung fu skills as they roll around in his warehouse apartment. It’s a strong, sexy performance, and displays how – when afforded a decent script and firm support – Rothrock could easily have made the leap from low-budget movies to more weightier projects.

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  • My favorite Cynthia Rothrock Movie. I think Paul did a good job with the production. This movie did very well in Germany.

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