Six Directions of Boxing (1980)

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Six Directions of Boxing (1980)

Convoluted cop-based kung fu movie in which a skinhead David Chiang leads a police investigation into two rival kung fu gangs and a stash of stolen weapons. Chiang apprehends the main culprit – a snake fist fighter played by Lung Tien-hsieng – and instead of throwing him behind bars, he holds him in a cave at his father-in-law’s country shack until he can gather enough evidence to send him to the slammer. The father-in-law is played by Simon Yuen in one of his last film roles, and his daughter is played by Nancy Yen, and the two form a neat kung fu duo when the crooks start knocking on their door. The film features key supporting roles for both an Alsatian and a chimp, both of which end up being integral to the plot; especially when Lung is bitten by a poisonous snake, causing him to shout: “that monkey stole my antidote!” With the Yuen clan in charge, there are obviously some fun moments; including a Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow tribute¬†towards the end involving Simon Yuen training David Chiang in something called the “terrible fist”; and check the background for young cameos from both Sunny Yuen and Yuen Cheung-yan, with Brandy Yuen enjoying a more substantial supporting role as David Chiang’s cop buddy. It’s fine, if mostly unremarkable.

AKA: The Six Directions Boxing; The Six Directions of Boxing.

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