Shootfighter 2 (1995)

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Shootfighter 2 (1995)

Another illegal shootfighting ring has sprung up in Miami, where musclebound egos duke it out to the death in a steel cage. The new mastermind, Lance (Joe Son – the guy who throws his shoes at Austin Powers), is a sadistic kung fu suit who stabs his own boss in a bid to exploit his other lucrative business schemes. Instead of using sane police methods, chief inspector Rawlins (Randolph) decides to set up a convoluted sting operation involving the combative skills of Ruben, Nick and Shingo, who have now returned from their previous shootfighting adventure in Mexico. Before you can say “rehash”, the trio are forced back into the ring to face another random assortment of two-bit nasties, like a Capoeira fighter, a guy dressed as Uncle Sam, and a crazy dude who chomps on raw meat. There is one female among the cast; Kristy Eisenberg, playing a barmaid who reveals her breasts in an extended sex scene with Ruben before being killed. So the sequel is hardly enlightened, but it marginally betters the first in providing ample scope for Bolo Yeung to step up and steal the picture. He is effortlessly cool in another monosyllabic hero role, breaking from his handcuffs at the end to duff up the baddies and take on Lance in the ring for the film’s final encounter.

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